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Allergy Testing & Treatment

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Effectively Manage Your Allergies

Allergies can range from mild annoyance to a potentially life-threatening problem. And because they can develop later in life, testing becomes incredibly important. Marcos Medical Care offers a full range of allergy testing services in San Antonio to help you gain a better understanding of your body and how it reacts to certain allergens.

We also offer several different treatments to help manage your specific allergies and avoid triggering them in the future.

How it Works

How Allergy Testing & Treatment in San Antonio Works

The type of allergy test or treatment you receive at Marcos Medical Care will depend on multiple factors. To help diagnose your specific type of allergy, your provider will ask you a series of questions regarding your signs and symptoms, lifestyle, environment, and—if food-related—your dietary habits.

Some common tests for allergies can include a skin test—which exposes you to a small of the allergens and checks for a reaction—or a blood test—which tests for the amount of allergy-causing antibodies in your bloodstream for allergen sensitivity.

Treatment then will depend on the severity of your allergies. Less severe cases may only require avoidance or medications, while serious allergies may require you to receive immunotherapy or carry an EpiPen in case of exposure.

Allergy Testing & Treatments Available

  • Environmental Allergy Testing

  • Subcutaneous Immunotherapy

  • Allergy Allay Drops

  • Food Allergy Testing

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