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Joint Injections

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Proven, Non-Surgical Pain Relief

Almost everybody has dealt with a nagging injury at some point. But when a joint injury continues to linger, it can cause painful symptoms and a loss of motion—making normal activities far more difficult. Rather than seeking out expensive surgery or addictive medications, joint injections at Marcos Medical Care provides an alternative.

Through precise injections from experienced medical professionals, our providers can heal inflammation and reduce painful symptoms.

How it Works

How Joint Injections Work

Joint Injections are a fast-acting, non-surgical alternative to acute and chronic pain treatment—including sudden injuries (such as a sprain or muscle strain) chronic injuries caused by joint overuse (such as carpal tunnel or tennis elbow), or degenerative conditions (like osteoarthritis).

Because the effects do wear off over time, they are not meant to be a permanent solution to joint pain. However, ongoing injections can offer highly effective pain relief as part of an ongoing treatment plan for pain management.

That treatment plan comes after a discussion with a highly trained care provider—which covers your symptoms, lifestyle, and treatment goals. We perform the injection in-office and will numb the treatment area with a topical anesthetic prior to treatment. Your provider will then carefully perform the injection directly into the joint, which will help temporarily reduce pain and swelling.

Joint Injections Areas

  • Knee

  • Shoulder

  • Hip

  • Elbow (for tennis and golfer's elbow)

  • Wrist (for carpal tunnel and trigger finger)

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