Female client close-up, resting head on table with eyes closed. Emface treatment patches are applied to her cheeks and forehead.

Facial Toning Device in San Antonio

The Latest in Facial Toning Technology

  • Category

    Skin Care

  • What EMFACE Treats

    Uneven skin tone
    Undefined cheekbones
    Sagging skin
    Uneven texture
    Loss of volume
    Large pores
    Frown lines
    Furrowed brow
    Drooping forehead
    Crepey, aging skin
    Excess fat
    Acne scarring
    Platysmal bands

  • Downtime


  • Treatments Needed

    4 to 6

  • Results of EMFACE

    Most people see results within a few weeks with this facial toning device in San Antonio. Results can continue for 2 months following a patient's last treatment.

Tighten & Tone Your Appearance

New in 2022, Marcos Medical offers EMFACE as part of our available treatment options. Created and developed by BTL, EMFACE uses radio-frequency and HIFEM (high-intensity focused electromagnetic) technology to tighten and firm a person’s facial features. When operated by a team of highly trained providers, this facial toning device in San Antonio can help patients achieve incredible results!

Benefits of Facial Toning in San Antonio

  • Capable of enhancing and building facial muscles

  • Tightens facial appearance for a younger, rejuvenated look

  • Customizable treatment 

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How EMFACE works

  1. Even with proper diet and exercise, facial fat can prove difficult to get rid of even as you lose weight. As a new technology, EMFACE is the newest, most advanced technology available for achieving a tight, revitalized look.
  2. Similar to the Emsculpt NEO device, EMFACE uses a combination of RF and HIFEM technology to burn away fat and tone targeted areas of your face. By using heat, your provider can heat the temperature of your muscles and cause permanent damage to the fat cells.
  3. Once damaged, those cells will remove themselves from the body and create a more toned, muscular appearance over time!
Female client relaxes with eyes closed on medical table during Emface treatment. Emface treatment patches are applied to her cheeks and forehead.

Place Your Trust in Us

Marcos Medical Aesthetics & Wellness has provided exceptional results for thousands across the San Antonio area.

Part of what separates us is our commitment to constant improvement through cutting-edge treatments and the most advanced medical & aesthetics technology available.

But what truly makes us unique is our dedicated and highly trained staff. Instead of treating people as another appointment on the schedule, we take the time to build relationships and earn their trust. We firmly believe that the best possible outcomes only happen through patient-focused care—which means emphasizing compassion and collaboration from start to finish.

Marcos Medical provider monitors the Emface treatment on screen as female client lays on medical exam table with Emface patches on cheeks and forehead.

Your Consultation With VISIA

Going Deeper For Better Skin Care

Marcos Medical Aesthetics & Wellness is proud to offer the VISIA Skin Analysis System to help improve aesthetic and skincare consultations. Using a multi-point positioning system—which rotates around the patient—and live image overlay, our providers can capture facial images and better track aesthetic progress over time.

During your first visit, we will assess your skin’s overall health using the VISIA device. During subsequent appointments, we’ll use it to better understand your unique skincare need and track the progression of your treatment.

Dr. Marcos shows a patient the results of their VISIA face scan on a computer. The faces of the doctor and patient are not visible.

Frequently Asked Questions About EMFACE